Health & Wellness

Graal-Müritz is on its way to become the number one address for health cures and health spas on the German Baltic Coast!
In during collaboration with other health spas on the Baltic Coast, Graal-Müritz is taking a leading role. It is one of the oldest and most successful health spas in the region.

Dr Carl von Mettenheimer, personal doctor of the Duke of Mecklenburg, discovered the special bioclimatic properties of our region in 1877. Due to those beneficial health properties, Dr Mettenheimer founded the first children's Hospital on the Baltic Coast. Many different kinds of treatment are offered in our community: preventative treatment, recovery treatment, both for in-& out patients in clinics or hotels. Additionally we also offer a wide range of sports and wellness vacations. In all of these fields we offer services on the highest level.

Regenerative Holidays

In Graal-Müritz you can enjoy a rejuvenating active and sporty vacation or a personalized health cure. You can take preventative measures to improve your health or treat already existing health problems. We offer a diverse selection of activities from Kneipp cures to Tai Chi and even beach gymnastics.
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Health cure and Wellness Stay

During the last few years, the health oriented events and treatments have been expanded drastically. Get more information on our focus of medical treatments, possible medical conditions that would justify a health cure and over all possible treatment in our Health spa.
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Health Institutions

Our community offers a number of state of the art facilities in the medical field of prevention and rehabilitation. The rehabilitation center (REHA-Zentrum) offers specialized hospital section for orthopedics, cardiology and a children's hospital. The German community welfare association ASB runs a mother-child clinic as well as a clinic for oncology and holistic treatment. All of these medical facilities are top of the line in the region and beyond.
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The Aquadrom is open 365 days a year and looking forward to your visit. Year-round you are able to take a swim in the in and outdoor pools, enjoy the steam in one of the saunas, enjoy the wellness area, play badminton, tennis and many more. The certified therapists at the physical therapy will take care of you regardless if it's a private or insurance sponsored treatment.
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Barrier free movement

Graal-Müritz is almost entirely handicapped accessible. We attempted to make our community more accommodating for the needs of families with strollers or those with mobility limitations by lowering our sidewalks and handicapped friendly beach entrances.
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