Beach information

On our beautiful beach you can relax in the sun, go on never-ending walks, build sandcastles, play Beach Volleyball or use the wind to fly a kite. You can do all this and more on our 5 km (3 mi) long and up to 40 m (130 ft) broad beach. It is a beautiful soft sand beach, which is virtually free of stones. There is always something fun to do at the beach regardless of the weather or season.

On our normal beaches (non-nude beaches) eagle-eyed lifeguards are watching over all the visitors to ensure the safety of everyone.

Families especially appreciate the large areas of shallow water, which are great for little kids. In addition to the natural playground, which the beach provides we also offer some man-made toys for all kids. These playgrounds are a nice addition and make sure that the kids aren’t bored.

Beach wicker chairs are available for all of those that want to be protected from the sun and wind on the beach.

Nudist Beach

„Skinny dipping“ has a long tradition in Graal-Müritz. Already Alfred Kerr, an important art critique, writer and journalist, enjoyed the Baltic Sea in the nude. He stayed in Graal-Müritz multiple times for exactly that reason between the years of 1915 and 1918.

The height of the nudist beaches was during the division of Germany in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The beaches east of Rostock, between Markgrafenheide and Graal-Müritz were the most popular and most beautiful Baltic nudist beaches.

The beaches of Graal-Müritz are still popular destination for people who enjoy the ocean naked. Nowadays, there are designated areas of the beach for nudists between „Middleway“ (Mittelweg) and Graal-Müritz east.

Dog Beaches

Graal-Müritz is a popular vacation destination for dogs and their owners. The large Baltic beaches and the coastal forests are a true paradise for both, dogs and owners. To accommodate for those who are very fond of dogs and those who aren't, we established especially designated dog beaches, where dog owners can enjoy the beach and the Baltic Sea together with their four-legged companions.

There are three dog beaches:
Dog beach Graal
Dog beach Central
Dog beach Müritz

To ensure that things run smoothly we would like to ask for the following rules to be followed: Dogs have to be on the leach during walks. Regarding the safety and comfort of other guest - especially children - we would like to kindly ask you to follow this simple rule.
Dog feces are especially annoying to locals and visitors, which is why we would like to ask all dog owners to do their part in keeping our community clean. Throughout our community you will find dog bag dispensers to clean up after your dog.
In case your four-legged friend might get sick during your stay in Graal-Müritz, we have an excellent veterinarian, Dr Wiedemann.
Alte Klockenhäger Landstraße, 18311 Ribnitz
Phone: 03821 4546

We wish you and your dog enjoyable and rejuvenating days in Graal-Müritz.

Not the right Weather for the Beach?

In case the sun might not be shining one day or the Baltic Sea is a bit too chilly for you, visit our Aquadrom. This sports and wellness center offer a variety of wellness and sports events throughout the whole year.
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